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Please either contact me directly on and I'll be happy to speak or email about picking up a copy of your logo for shirt printing, the various placements on the jersey etc.

Alternatively, please fill in the form below. There's a radio button with the various shirt logo spaces with a suggested donation. Tick the one you'd like and then the form redirects to the separate charity donation page to enable you to donate. On the offical charity donation page there is a tick box for 'Organisation'.

I'll be in touch to organise your logo.Thank you.

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Please fill in the form with your information. The form redirects to the charity donation page. I'll also be in touch directly.

Logo Placement
Front Gold (£125)
Front Silver (£90)
Front Bronze (£50)
Sleeve Shoulder (£65)

& suggested donation
Back Gold (£125)
Back Silver (£90)
Back Bronze (£50)
Sleeve Arm (£50)